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Underwater photography | Perth mermaid

Underwater photography | Perth mermaid

When I was thinking of amazing muses for my Perth underwater photography workshop “Submerge”, I absolutely knew there had to be a mermaid there!

For starters it’s quite an achievement in itself to take a photo under the water and I didn’t want to overwhelm my students with a whole stack of information and then need to direct someone on top of it. I wanted an underwater model who could move naturally well! So performing mermaid Madeleine was the perfect candidate for the job!

Underwater photography requires so much patience and persistence! Its absolutely so much fun though for those who catch the underwater bug- I know will totally understand my passion for it.

I absolutely loved having Madeleine at the workshop but I knew I wouldn’t have the time on the day to do a full gallery so here are a couple of favourite images from a shoot on a seperate day.

The light, the playfulness, the muse. All magic. Hard not to believe in mermaids after this! This gallery sums up all the reasons why I love underwater photography so so much.

If you had to pick a favourite-which one would you pick? I’d love to know in the comments!

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  1. Adam Smith says:

    Such incredible underwater photography.