Perth underwater maternity photographer

Perth underwater maternity photographer | Bonnie

Jasmine Skye Photography has launched her “Land and Sea” maternity photography packages in Perth. Underwater pregnancy photography is a passion of Jasmine’s and it’s taken a little digging to really get to what lights her up, and now she’s found it-there is absolutely no stopping her! Underwater portrait photography is unique, it’s not for your average person. It requires a little effort and planning, trust, patience, good weather (if in the ocean like this shoot) and 100% worth the extra effort. Underwater photography can be done in the ocean or a pool, and is incredibly fun, liberating and some have said addictive.

Because underwater maternity portraits are so different it is understandable that woman want to capture the beauty out of the water on dry land too, so this package is perfect if you want to combine and celebrate the best of both worlds. I’m pretty sure the images speak for themselves. Why choose one, when you can have both?

A few words from Bonnie (pictured) -google review

“Working with Jasmine was a true delight! She made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and considering I was literally only wearing my skin during the daylight at a public beach with many onlookers I’m still in awe of how comfortable I truly was! Jasmine is a true creative and an absolute professional. She has a beautiful eye for form and cleverly and playfully will work with you to create a magic experience with magic photos! Im so grateful I chose her to be my maternity and newborn photographer. Thank you Jasmine! “