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Home pregnancy photography session Perth

Home pregnancy photography sessions I would have to say are an absolute favourite of mine! This seems so weird for me to say, as I’m literally known for outdoor pregnancy photography all over Perth. But i’ve had a few requests lately, and let’s just say I’m changing my tune.

Why? Because you are home, surrounded by all your things that are yours and feeling cosy, relaxed, and super safe.

Perth-pregnancy-photographyThe pro’s:

-unlimited wardrobe options (and my eye to say what will work best which will sometimes surprise you!).

-Can include your pets with absolutely no stress of what to do with them when you dont want them in photos.

-Not limited to doing session at golden hour, during the day works totally fine.

-You probably have multiple rooms/spots with pretty or interesting light that you might not have noticed, and you will see your home in a whole new way.

-Your session wont be affected at all by weather or season.

-Want water shots? Jump in the shower or bath!

-Also the option to do some nudey shots in the comfort of your own home without the worry of passers by (and these shots can be for your eyes only if you wish!). 

-Unlimited drinks and snacks available. 

-Your images will be incredibly unique and not look like anybody else’s. 

What are the cons? I can’t think of any!

Here’s a few favourite shots from an at home pregnancy photography session I did quite awhile back, but way too good not to share with you! Let me know what you think! And be sure to let me know if you like the idea of an at home pregnancy session for yourself! Xx