Underwater maternity photography

Gemma 38 weeks pregnant | Underwater maternity photography

Underwater photography is something i’ve always been intrigued by but never attempted with my proper DSLR- so when my best friend decided that she wanted pregnancy photos done and was going to fly me across Australia to do them (I think she really just wanted to hang out!), I put it out there that I wanted to hire an underwater housing for my camera. And somehow managed to get connected to the right people literally the day before (thank you Phil from Aquatech!). I don’t think Gemma really knew what this meant but she very kindly went along with it 🙂

So here I was with a couple of days to play and I’m not going to lie it was a crazy big challenge! Not the housing itself, that was actually really easy to put together and use. But just not having the best mask (fog and water to the eyeballs anyone?!), so there was a lot of guessing, repetition, and hoping!

We were also in a river so we were dealing with tidal changes and visibility variances. But having an amazing extremely patient bestie helps. And it wasn’t all bad, I had so much fun- I actually was hoping to not have to give the housing back! I mean how awesome is it to have your maternity photos and there’s actually real live fish swimming past-so cool!

In fact I think I need to buy one, because it’s something you need to practice to really get good at it I think. And I would love to do this for my clients back at home in Perth!

Super quick edits but couldn’t wait to share some of my many favourites, hope you like xx