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The creative photographer

The creative photographer challenge

Are you a photographer in Perth? I strongly believe we are all already creative. But we see and get inspired by different things, we need to harness that to set us apart. Sometimes its hard to distinguish your voice amongst the noise? Have you ever felt that?

As photographers we are constantly balancing our client expectations and our own vision as artists. Its so easy to get bogged down with “work” and falling into patterns of comfort. Is there anything wrong with this? No not really, if you feel overwhelmingly satisfied with your work and you have no desires to learn, get inspired or delve deeper- then the creative photographer challenge isn’t for you.

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Who is the creative photographer challenge for?

All Perth photographers, all genres, all humans wanting to have a safe place to connect with others in a creative container with no limitations, only possibilities!

You are open to learning, collaborating, asking questions, trying new things, getting out of your comfort zone. Because creativity is like a muscle- the more you flex the more possibilities and questions will arise.

I totally get that when you have paying clients you can’t always take the risks in a session, but this is a safe place to experiment, fail, and try again with no loss but everything to gain! Take your new ideas to your paying sessions with so much more confidence!

Whether you are just starting out or super experienced, I honestly know without doubt everyone needs a good shake up from time to time. And if you do this regularly- your art will be exponentially better for it!

the creative photographer challenge

How do the sessions work?

There will be an assortment of props (think prisms, lens baby, glad wrap, mirrors, foliage, fairy lights, sparklers etc), techniques (slow shutter, in camera double exposures etc), and ideas (harsh light, shadows, reflections etc) that you can choose to play with, but you are welcome to bring our own ideas and props to the table too! You are not restricted in any way.

A couple of hours set aside to connect with likeminded legends, but the challenge for you is to create work that looks NOTHING like anyone else’s. Who are you as an artist with no limits? Who do you want to be?

We will be photographing each other. Or if people are not your favourite thing to photograph- you do you! No limitations or expectations here.

This group will be kept small so you get the most out of the experience.

How confidently could you do a shoot with no lighting equipment on you? Learning to trust yourself and your equipment is a game changer for creativity and you as an artist!

Are you in?

Does the idea of this terrify you? It’s a perfectly normal reaction! Have you heard the saying “Growth and comfort do not coexist?” yeah well there is good reason for it. I want to see you grow! If you arrive and panic with no ideas I’ll be there to workshop ideas so don’t stress I got you! If you’re anything like me the turning up is the hardest part, once your here the ideas will flow. This is why I’ve created this space. We all need accountability.

WHEN: Wednesday 20th July 930am-12pm.

WHERE: Jasmine Skye Photography’s home studio 20min SOR or 10 min from Freo (details sent once you book!).