underwater maternity photography perth

Maternity and newborn photography Perth

Maternity and newborn photography packages, they are an absolute favourite of mine. I get to closely watch the ‘before baby bubble’ and then immediately the after! Whether its your first baby, or fifth- there is a momentous dynamic change regardless, and the world for the family will be forever changed.

These sessions can look different family to family.

Maternity photography

When discussing ideas for this maternity session, Casper mentioned wanting family shots, and then some underwater maternity shots of her bump. Obviously I love underwater photography, so I was instantly extra excited about this shoot!

We wanted to capture the family together before jumping in the water, so lighting wise- I knew we had to make it a sunrise session. Start the day with the amazing morning light for the family photos, and then move into the water for when the light was brighter and perfect for underwater shots. I’m not a morning person-but I will happily get out of my cosy bed to photograph a family at sunrise.

Plan for success when working with children

With a toddler in tow, I knew it was going to be a long photoshoot for him. Kids have a limited attention span. So I suggested a morning coffee break at Ootong & Lincoln in south Freo, where we could also incorporate some fun urban mural shots too (which Casper had also mentioned she loved). And I will never ever say no to coffee!

How epic is that mural by Anya Brock, I love it!

Underwater pregnancy photos

Once we were refuelled, we headed back to the beach so get some more shots. It was one of those perfect Perth mornings, but when we got in the water, I quickly realised the visability was the worst I had ever seen it.

My heart literally sunk, we had planned everything for this moment. My camera struggled to focus on anything, which was really limiting what shots we could do. Honest truth- on the back of my camera all I could see was a white haze. The fine sand obviously churned from previous days- it was so disapointing as it was a glorious morning. I usually love the challenge of shooting in the ocean, but gosh on this day, I wished it was a boring pool.

In moments like this all I say is – “let’s see what we can get and have zero expectations”. I never usually rely on post production, but all the hope in the world was on saving this with editing.

Thank the universe for editing, we still got a few keepers!

‘Lifestyle Newborn photography’

For the newborn session, this beautiful family wanted an at home lifestyle session. These sessions are THE BEST. I love my studio sessions don’t get me wrong- but there is something beautiful about having the familiar, sentimental things surrounding a family. The breastfeeding chair, the cosy bed- they add an extra layer of personal.

Meet the delightful Sunny.

These sessions are unique, authentic, and feed my little creative soul to brimming. I spent 6 hours with this family over these two shoots and I barely noticed the time. Because they were invested in making these memories. Anyone truely invested in their photos, has me on board 250% any day of the week! This is why I do what I do.

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  1. Zoe says:

    I love, love, love how Jasmine captures such realness and beauty in her photos. It is so beautiful to see such important memories being honoured this way.