Family photographer Perth- The Sutton Family

Family photographer Perth

This lovely family of 4 hadn’t had any photos taken since their youngest family member Jack had arrived, so it was my job to get some great family photo’s of them all together. Charlotte was well into having her photo taken (Jack and Charlotte are they not the sweetest children’s names!!??) but Jack on the other hand was not too keen on having his photograph taken….it’s ok i deal with this all the time, whats the saying?? Don’t work with children or pets!!?? Haha do you know how many times parents say this line to me?? I think at every family photography session i have ever done! Sometimes you just need to try another tactic, talk them into playing a ‘game’, something that has nothing to do with the camera in my hand- and i do a little victory punch on the inside by the end of each session. Yes, sometimes particular kids can be harder to capture ‘smiling’ at the camera (and trust i will get that photo if it takes me all session!!) but you know what images clients always rave about?? The ones that capture the real personality of their child, kids being kids!! Two things happened at this session which i always push for- real, fun, true to character images…and letting me finish the session when the sun has gone completely down. Yes most kids are usually on the road to dinner, bath, bed by then but for ONE night, for the sake of pretty photo’s its so worth it! I loved everything about how this session turned out, i felt like i had run a marathon afterwards but when i get photo’s like this for my clients, i couldn’t be happier xxx