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‘Not broken’: Personal project.

This project is about CELEBRATING what unconventional families are doing differently that push them from surviving into thriving.

Together, with local Perth families I’m creating a collection of empowering stories and photographs to completely disrupt what society deems a conventional family.

Enough with the doom and gloom stories, lets be the change the world needs right now, and shine some light.


You want to be part of it?

perth family photography
I have a dream of having an exhibition and a book!

What is the aim?

To create a collection of powerful, empowering photographs of families who for whatever reason, are living the unconventional family life and are not only surviving, but thriving. It is my dream to create an exhibition and a photo book combining these inspiring stories and images.

I want to re-define what the the word family means to world.

I feel there’s an incredible amount of unwarranted judgement thrown in the direction of solo parenting, blended families, and lets just say the ‘unconventional’ in general. I’ve witnessed it, and experienced it firsthand. 

Everyone has heard the term ‘a broken family’, cue the shame. In my own experience, not only do you get divorce papers- but you also get a giant badge of stigma for absolutely free.

Well sorry but no, that’s not how the story is going to end.

I know there’s actually plenty of people who are out there right now, parenting against all the odds- and they are doing a damn good job loving their kids. 

We need to share these stories with the world. Not just for us the adults, but most importantly for our kids too. 

Who should apply?

  • Unique and unconventional families (who have children still at home). Families considered to be non ‘nuclear’.
  • You are consciously parenting, and proud of your progress in your journey.
  • You’re willing to answer questions honestly, and share your personal story with me and the world.

Please note: I am looking for a diverse representation of what different families look like, so please do not be offended if your beautiful family doesn’t get chosen to be photographed for the project. All applicants will be notified, and regular updates will be on my instagram stories.

How will it work?

My aim is to photograph 10 families over several months.

These sessions will be held at a location decided together, but will be significant to your particular family. 

These photography sessions will be complimentary, and for your participation and vulnerability you will receive 10 digital images from the session (worth $700). 

Stories shared in the process of creating these photographs will not be shared without permission, however, it should be understood the aim of the chosen finished collection of photographs and stories is to be published publicly. If a persons identity or particular part of your story needs to remain private do talk to me, I can likely still make this work!

If your still reading, gosh thank you. You’re either someone who would be perfect for this project, or know someone who could be! Please share the word!

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Yes! Let’s celebrate me and my fam!

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