Professional pregnancy photographers Perth | Bonnie

35 weeks pregnant | Professional pregnancy photographers Perth

On the way down to this photoshoot I got a call from my husband saying “I think Harry (our son) has dislocated his elbow, what do I do?” and I automatically went into nurse mode which was rationalised by ‘it doesn’t sound too bad and if it is worse then thought nothing will actually happen until after I end the shoot anyway’, meanwhile hoping in the back of my mind that everything is okay. Then I get a second phone call saying “its actually broken!” but by this time the shoot is over and I can get back to my family. Slight mummy guilt creeping in. 10 years of paediatric nursing is far to ingrained into my system obviously!

Despite being slightly distracted, I’m glad I could compartmentalise my part mother/nurse/photographer mind and went through with this awesome maternity shoot as the light was amazing and obviously Bonnie is stunning! So many favourites from this beautiful pregnancy session. And Harry’s arm is totally fine now just for the record! xx