Pool vs Ocean for underwater photoshoot location

Pool vs Ocean for underwater photoshoot location

Underwater photography is unique photography experience and a creative and artistic way to see yourself in photos. An experience of playing and exploring the power of the water as you immerse yourself, move, and be present in your body and creating truly magical photos. Underwater portraits can be taken in any body of water but the most common choices with my clients are generally deciding between a pool or the ocean for their underwater photo session.

Let’s explore Pool vs ocean


A pool of course is a more controlled environment and completely private (if you have a pool, we can use that) If not I have access to a private heated pool on Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday from 12.30pm in cooler months and a normal pool in summer.

The depth of the private heated pool I hire is only 1.05m so certain shots could be limited but being in a pool is also a playful experience with the option to use of backdrops and you will not be worrying about weather or any animals trying to sneak into your photos if that concerns you.

You can also stand up at any time, and will never get cold or need to reschedule due to poor visibility. I do have a deeper public pool I can hire but this obviously limits the possibility of doing any artistic nudes- if this interests you best to stick to the private option so you can decide later.

Potential downside to a pool is the chlorine on your eyes, but you are not required to keep them open- I suggest alternating between the two because you cant really see anything anyway and its only for the photos. Eyes closed gets you fully into the feeling the moment which I think looks beautiful.


Waves, salt, sun, and sand for an underwater photo session is an absolute vibe.  The water visibility can however vary quite significantly- but on a good day can be as clear as a pool, we just need to watch the weather forecast for best days.

Less clear days can also add incredible magic and ethereal mystery to the underwater photo experience so not all bad.

underwater maternity photoshoot perth

Obviously in the ocean we don’t have the restrictions of the depth of a pool there is also the flexibility of being able to choose different days, times, and a variety of locations to have your underwater photo session to give more potential for fish and sea creatures.

maternity photography perth

We do not need to venture deep though to get amazing photos, we can explore just beyond standing depth to play in. One thing the beach does not offer is complete privacy, so a midweek photo session is suggested but not completely necessary- as the above photo was on a very hot Perth day and every single person was at the beach we were shooting at, and we still managed to get some birthday suit shots with no issues at all.

In Fremantle we are very protected and don’t have big waves, currents or tides, so obviously if we are shooting at other beaches we would need to consider these things also for safety and comfort.

Be it the pool, river or ocean, the story you are telling with the water and your body is unique just like you. Most people know what they feel comfortable with, but If you don’t have a strong feeling either way on deciding the best location for you underwater shoot- let’s chat I’m here to help!

Jaz Xx