Perth baby photographer | Jahan

7 days new | Perth baby photographer

Meet Jahan, I think I’m predicting broken hearts for the future. I mean look at him. Basically a baby model. And he was so good!!

Such a beautiful family inside and out. When I asked the parents was there anything in particular they were hoping for in their photography session and they just said ‘no just natural and images with a beautiful ‘feeling’, just do what you usually do. It just makes me burst with happiness. Gosh I love my ‘job’.

When the hardest part of a photography job is trying to cull down images because I actually like them all, I feel I’ve done my best and hand over gigantic sized galleries because then I don’t have to decide, my clients do. And when they say “how can possibly choose, they are all good?!”, I know i’m on the right path 🙂

I could have posted about 200 images but here this is me being restrained…Prepare to swoon, don’t say I didn’t warn you!