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Frequently Asked Questions


Ideally for my scheduling/availability anytime after first trimester has past. Pregnancy sessions are usually done between 34-37 weeks to allow a few weeks of wiggle room in case you go early! If you have left things to the last minute however, do get in touch- I have been known to fit in 40 weekers where I possibly can to ensure this special time gets documented, it just comes down to my availability in that given week.

Something that shows off your beautiful bump, and makes you feel pretty is my short answer. I understand that everyone has different comfort zones, and wants out of their pregnancy session and I’m here to get those shots for you. This might mean a few changes throughout your session (if you want to!). We usually start off wearing something that looks cohesive with whoever has joined you on your session (see what to wear family if you aren’t sure what that means). And then we can take layers off, or get changed into other options to show off your bump in other ways if you’re keen too! We discuss this at length before your session too, so don’t panic I absolutely have your back on this one!  Please note that your session is 100% tailored to you so whether you don’t show skin at all or want to go full nudey that’s entirely your prerogative. I also don’t share any images without your permission too so if you want to have a couple of images for for yourself, this is absolutely ok!

I DO also have a couple of custom made pregnancy gowns available for you to use- if you are interested in these I bring these along as options too!

I LOVE underwater maternity photography, so much so I bought myself an underwater housing. This type of session is super unique and requires a bit more effort from all parties, and certainly needs to be planned for. If you’re interested in underwater photography please bring this up at the booking stage and we can discuss the options!

Don’t want underwater necessarily but keen to get in the water at the end of your shoot? You are also my people!! This can be spontaneous and decided on the day even but if you are thinking about it I would suggest at least bringing a towel along. You can either get in wearing your clothes or your swimmers, completely up to you!

Overcast ands stormy skies are amazing for photoshoots but if its likely to rain we can reschedule with no qualms from me at all. My gear is expensive and rain isn’t great for it! Sometimes weather can be unpredictable and we just call it on the day.

Yeah this does happen from time to time. Honestly even best planned sessions can sometimes not eventuate if your baby has other ideas! Im a realist and give you the option of either having a family session down the track instead, or you just get charged at the usual newborn only rates.

Short answer yes I can, but only if you request it and depending on severity it will be at my discretion. I feel these marks are apart of your story and should be proud of them, but I understand not everyone has the same views on this, and I want all of my clients to feel proud showing off their images. If you are someone who won’t show off your belly because of stretch marks, just let me know how you feel and we can discuss. I want you to love your images. Having said that I don’t liquify people and change what someone looks like significantly, I’m a huge fan of real.

Frequently Asked Questions


Newborn photography sessions are typically done between 5-14 days old to capture that fresh baby stage which if you ask any parent, disappears altogether too quickly! Of course baby sessions can be done at any age, but as they get older they are typically more awake and so your gallery will reflect more ‘as they are’ images, rather then sleepy curly ones. All beautiful in my opinion, but just giving you the heads up!

Studio newborn sessions are held in my home studio, situated in Coolbellup (20 minutes from Perth city, or 10 minutes from Fremantle). Or if you are after a ‘lifestyle’ baby session, I can come and capture you and your family in your own home.

You can be rest assured I have my working with children’s check, and fully immunized and insured.

Booking newborn sessions while pregnant is recommend as I only take on limited sessions per week and pre-booked sessions take priority over last minute bookings for ideal timing of their session. I don’t schedule dates for newborn sessions unless we have a known c-section date, so mostly we schedule a mutually agreed date once you let me know baby has decided to arrive. These sessions are generally done midweek, and start around 10am.

Yes absolutely sibling and family photo combinations are an essential part of every newborn session so please come prepared to be photographed. I know after having a baby and running on no sleep you can feel super unphotogenic but please know I have your back on this and trust me your baby won’t ever look at those photos the way you do!

Similar to regular family photo recommendations, really we want the focus to be on your faces so minimising the logos and patterns where possible is best! Think block colours, textures and cohesiveness in colour palette of everyone attending. Baby can either be wrapped in one of my wraps or dressed in a onesie or outfit you bring along for the family photo. Mums if you are breastfeeding you are encouraged to wear easy to feed options as but welcome to bring other clothes if you want to get photographed in something else!

The studio is also heated for your babies comfort in their birthday suit so please don’t overdress even in winter.

Sessions vary widely as it comes down to your baby on the day. Usually 1.5hrs-2 hours is my average but up to 3hrs is pretty normal if you want a variety of sleepy baby shots, and baby has other plans. I allow baby to lead how the session is going to go and if they need extra feeds or cuddles this is what happens on the day! No expectations are on you to settle baby either, but I will obviously hand back if you think a feed is neccesary.

Do bring snacks (especially for little ones attending) just incase your session does go closer to 3 hour mark.

My newborn editing I like to be as natural as possible while my preference is to leave as is, I will remove scratches and blotches, milk pimples, and flaky skin if parents request it. I always polish edit backgrounds, and colour correct all selected images.

Frequently Asked Questions


My favourite time of day for family photography sessions in Perth are late afternoon, as the light is so magical and just makes everything look so GOOD! Early morning also for the same reason…but depending on what location you are after, we can work out a time that works for you and your family.

Ideally somewhere that is meaningful to you and your family, so the images are more significant. With that said I have photographed families all over Perth and have a lot of ideas to choose from! Just let me know your preference, if want a park/greenery, field, beach, river, seasonal flowers, deciduous trees, etc I give you the options and we choose location together.

Anything that makes you feel and look good! I like block bold colours, varied textures, and please minimise logos and avoid more then one person wearing patterns (as then the busyness takes the attention away from your faces!). Please don’t all wear the same thing-but have a think about how the colours will look together so they compliment rather then clash. Think about where your photography session is going to be and what colours will compliment the surroundings. Or things like blue eyes will come out more if wearing a blue top etc. Most importantly be YOU!

If your family doesn’t usually wear matching jeans and white t-shirts then please don’t wear that to your session! As your photographer I am more then happy to discuss idea’s with you before your session day, and you are encouraged to bring changes of clothes to your session so I can help you get the best results.

Overcast ands stormy skies are amazing for photoshoots but if its likely to rain we can reschedule with no qualms from me at all. My gear is expensive and rain isn’t great for it! Sometimes weather can be unpredictable and we just call it on the day.

Photographing small children at the best of times is challenging so if you little one is sick, and not themselves-then they won’t be giving me their best and rescheduling recommended!

During the first two years teething can also be a regular issue, no need to reschedule but if you have noticed on shoot day that your little one is showing all the signs, it’s 100% your choice but a dose of panadol goes a long way to your bub lasting the distance til the end of your session.

Yes! Of course I do extended family sessions! They usually involve some chaos but lots of fun too! They are charged at the same rate as my other family sessions, however tend to be slightly more formal as we have less time for play.

Frequently Asked Questions


Hey I understand having your photograph taken is a daunting task, and for those especially not confident can seem like the worst idea ever to practice before the wedding day. While I say these sessions aren’t essential it is however, the BEST way to get to know each other before it is the big day and many camera shy people have mentioned after the fact their relief at having done an engagement session prior. Promise I make it fun.

Frequently Asked Questions


Ideally as soon as you know your date to ensure availability! Booking dates vary wildly though, best to just get in touch if you like my style!

YES and YES please.

I have a NO TRAVEL FEES for weddings in the south west WA, and also between Sunshine Coast QLD and Byron Bay NSW, otherwise travel costs is additional to whatever coverage you would like. Just to cover costs of places I wouldn’t otherwise go.

Im a canon girl. Use a variety of lenses and two camera bodies on me at all times. If you’re a camera nerd like me happy to go into details.