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Jasmine Skye Photography
Photo by Anya Maria

about jasmine skye photography

Jasmine Skye Photography was established back in 2012 in Perth, Western Australia. Built with pure love of portrait photography, and a crazy passion to be better at it then I was yesterday.

Pre kids I travelled the world, snowboarded regularly, and had a ‘social life’.

Since kids I’ve realised life doesn’t always turn out how you planned it, but it certainly is what you make of it.

I’ve gone through an incredible journey of losing my identity through motherhood and finding it again though divorce. I still absolutely believe in love. It’s made me realise more then ever before, the photos we take today are so important for our future tomorrows. I have also found a love for dancing (Kizomba & Afro), it’s the perfect combination of movement, music and connection.

Fun fact: I’ve been a Paediatric nurse for 15 years (now extremely part time due to my photography business), which as you could imagine has taught me a great deal about humans. I think this has really shown me whats important in life, and that photos are sometimes all we have left at the end of the day.

People say I have a crazy sixth sense for picking up on vibes and reading people like a book. I don’t take myself too seriously, but while I may appear very relaxed in my approach, my client’s safety is always paramount.

why photography?

I find people absolutely fascinating. I get a thrill from turning the most awkward camera shy person (who have never liked a photo of themselves previously), into confident, genuine, belly laughing legends. Personally I don’t care what you are though, as long as you are being authentic to yourself- as you are right now.

As someone who is always holding the camera, I’m an absolute advocate for existing in photographs for our children too. We get so caught up in our daily routines, we shy away from the camera until we’ve lost some weight, or brushed our hair, or the weather is nicer, or kids less feral (when does this happen? Seriously ha!). The truth is- time stands still for no one, and kids grow up so fast!

Regardless of who is in front of my lens, I’m always seeking out authentic connection, honest details, and perfectly imperfect love. You and your family exactly as they are, crazy included!

Jasmine Skye Photography -newborn studio
Photo by Lumiere Media
Jasmine skye photography behind scenes

I’m guessing if you’re still reading, you’re seriously considering booking in a photographer at some stage in the near future -please check out my portfolio and awards, and get a feel for my photography style. I believe photography is a two way exchange, and to get the best results I possibly can for you, we have to be on the same page!

If you would like more information, pricing, or you are interested in making a booking for a session here in Perth, or anywhere in the world-I would love to hear from you- so get in touch!

It would be my absolute honour to document your world, and the important people in it.

Warmest regards,


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