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I. Love. Underwater. Photography.

Underwater photography Perth

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Underwater portrait photography is my absolute passion. I’m obsessed! And if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are curious?! Curious about life and it’s adventures. Not one to sit idle for too long in your comfort zone, and excited to try new things. Maybe you’re a little bit creative, and smiles at sunsets and pretty clouds. Ok the last bit is not a prerequisite, but those people are usually my people by default ha!

Maybe the idea of having a normal posed maternity shoot makes you want to vomit, but this is a fun alternative and you still get to document your amazing and changed body which is growing another human! Worth documenting I promise.

Or maybe you’ve had a posed maternity shoot (I do them as well- I dont think they are vomit worthy if done right- so no judgement seriously!), and want to document this pregnancy in a different way?

Maybe your a mermaid in a past life and you and the water go together- like two peas in a pod?

You don’t need to be pregnant to say yes to an underwater portrait session. I photograph anyone willingly stepping up to the challenge of having fun while creating art:) I find the epic humans drawn to an underwater photoshoot have gone through some big life growth and ready to celebrate themselves, see themselves in a new way, and dive a little deeper. Water has a beautiful ability to get you fully present in your body and quite transformative.

Or maybe you have an awesome brand that needs some epic water shots to take your next advertising campaign to the next level!? Yep, I’m 100% in for that too!

Where do I do my underwater shoots? The choice is yours! Either the ocean, your pool or I hire a heated pool which is especially nice in the cooler months (32 degrees thanks for coming).

In summer months, I will be running “splash experience” days which is the opportunity to come together as a small group, and experience a 30 minute solo underwater portrait shoot as well as a group for fun shoot. These shoots are scheduled based on the weather, and sent out via my “underwater waitlist”. But if you want to organise a custom date with your besties, be sure to send me an email to let me know! I just require a minimum of two people (and maximum of four).

I guarantee you wont experience another photoshoot like it!

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