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I. Love. Baby. Bumps.

maternity photography perth

Maternity photography is all about your beautiful bump!

Pregnancy sessions are probably up there with my all time favourite thing to photograph, and I think this is hugely to do with my complete awe with the human body and it’s amazing ability to create life!

This time is rare, it’s unique, and it’s incredibly special. Every pregnancy is different, and while at the time it feels like it will never end- I can assure you once baby has arrived, your pregnancy will dwindle into a distant memory before you can even say breastfeeding.

I remember myself feeling like the biggest whale to ever beach, but looking back on my own pregnancy photos- I actually see a different picture. I see excitement, wonder, naivety, and love for someone I’m yet to meet.  I also see a lot less wrinkles on my face, and a body that did this amazing job.

It truly is a time in your life like no other. I’m yet to meet anyone who regretted getting maternity photos done, but I’ve spoken to a lot of mothers who wished they had!

Jasmine Skye Photography specialises in outdoor pregnancy photography in beautiful locations around Perth. Your session can be scheduled at any stage of your pregnancy, but is usually recommended between 34-37 weeks, as you have a nice big bump and still leave some room for in case you go a few weeks early!

Partners, siblings, parents, and pets are all welcome!

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maternity photography perth
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