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I. Love. Familys.

family photography perth

Need to update the family portrait? Want to get some photos for a gift for someone special? I know as a mum, there are so many photos taken of the kids but barely any taken of the entire family together. A professional family photography session not only solves this issue but makes sure the entire family is looking their best, in real deal images not just on an iPhone.

If you’re like me and wish you could hit pause and replay on your kids at a certain age, I’ve started to incorporate not just photographs but also film into my family sessions. This is complimentary (for all packages!) while I’m building up my confidence in the filming side of things, but eventually I will be offering family film sessions in their own right, so you can choose.

I tailor family photography sessions to suit the family pictured, and what story you want to tell. If you want pretty pictures of your favourite humans at a particular age in a pretty location, easily done. Or if you want a really sentimental location capturing everyday real life moments, also easily done.

My style is aiming for a natural feel, but flattering and beautiful. I want your images to be timeless, capture real expressions, and make you feel something.

While my favourite images are generally not when you’re all looking at the camera- I will at some stage get a photo of you all looking- if you want one, as I do feel these are a little piece of history- and eyes are definitely the windows to the soul!

If you have a family session with me you will never hear me utter the word ‘cheese’.  And I’ll never ask you to all wear white t-shirts and jeans! In fact, pretty please never do that.

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