Pregnancy photography Perth| Bree

Outdoor pregnancy photography Perth

The beautiful Bree is actually a friend of mine i work with when i go to work as a nurse (well not at the moment obviously she is busy being mum currently, but you know what i mean!!). Last year i got to watch Bree get married (happily as a guest as i was 8 months pregnant myself!) and now i have the pleasure of getting to take maternity photos and newborn photos coming up too:)

As i had been wanting to have a bit of a play making a tulle dress i talked Bree into letting me do this on a separate day to her actual session-so the yellow tulle shots she was about 33 weeks pregnant, and the beach shots were taken at about 36 weeks. I was pretty happy with the results and have since had a few re-creations which is fun as they are always slightly different but LOVE the results! So if i ask to wrap you in tulle don’t look at me like i’m crazy 🙂

I was so impressed with Bree’s willingness to get into the water to get some amazing shots with one of the most phenomenal winter sunsets the sky put on for us in the background! Your crazy girl, but totally think it was worth it 🙂 xxx