Newborn baby photography Perth | Willow

The mother of this gorgeous girl is one very talented lady!! Not only did she make this baby she also made all knitted props in this shoot (and a lot of my other newborn sessions too!). Look up ‘young knitting’ on facebook if you want to see more!!

I’m so glad i managed to do this session….lots of expressing and pep talks with the husband (he did an amazing job with 2 kids solo for 5 hours!!). I even made my own ‘nest’ prop to bring along and i have never considered myself as crafty haha!! I must admit going in my confidence wasn’t high after my own daughters newborn shoot failure(s), so it was a nice boost to the old self esteem that yes i can do this!! Willow was asleep when i got there and slept pretty much til the end! So glad i got to see those eyes open too, she is such a wise little one (and completely adorable!! love those cheeks!!!) A big thank you to Willow’s big sister Delaine for all her help picking out all the headbands for me too!! xxxxx