Family photos at Hyde Park Perth- Dawes Family

Extended family photography | Family photos at Hyde Park Perth

One of my most requested locations for family photography sessions is Hyde park, and its not hard to see why. Pretty all year round and centrally located which is nice when you have an extended family coming from all directions!

It’s quite common to hear from families when there’s a member of the family who is unfortunately sick, it’s a crappy part of life and sadly happens to a lot of families. They want a family photo with everyone together, just incase that family member doesn’t make it through the ordeal of chemo or radiation. They want to remember them as they were before they lose their hair and full of energy. Tugs at the heart strings I tell you! I encourage all families to make the effort to get together for photos before there’s any reason to panic that you don’t have enough photos together, make it a regular occurrence whether you pay someone or not. Exist in photos for your family.

What a beautiful family, thank you for choosing me to photograph your memories and I’m so glad we managed to make this happy in the middle of silly season! Here are some of my favourites xx