Family photographer Perth

 Family Photographer Perth

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Need to update the family portrait? Want to get some photo’s for a gift for someone special?  I know as a mum, there are so many photo’s taken of the kids but barely any taken of the entire family together.  A professional family photography session not only solves this issue but makes sure the entire family is looking their best. I Also do extended family sessions which involves some chaos but lots of fun too!

My favourite time of day for family photography sessions in Perth are late afternoon, as the light is so magical and just makes everything look so GOOD! Early morning also for the same reason…but depending on what you are after, we can work out a time that works for you and your family.



What to wear?

Anything that makes you feel and look good! I like block bold colours, varied textures, and please minimise logos and avoid patterns (as they take the attention away from your face!).  Please don’t all wear the same thing-but have a think about how the colours will look together so they compliment rather then clash. Think about where your photography session is going to be and what colours will compliment the surroundings. Or things like blue eyes will come out more if wearing a blue top etc. Most importantly be YOU!

If your family doesn’t usually wear matching jeans and white t-shirts then please don’t wear that to your session! As your photographer I am more then happy to discuss idea’s with you before your session day, and you are encouraged to bring changes of clothes to your session so I can help you get the best results.

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This is an example of how to tie together what the entire family is wearing without ‘matching’.


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