Beach pregnancy photoshoot Perth | Naomi

38 weeks pregnant | Beach pregnancy photoshoot Perth

Naomi was booked in to have her maternity session, the weather was looking good…and then I got the call. Hubby couldn’t make it to the photoshoot, and Naomi was feeling a little uncomfortable coming by herself. I was totally 100% ok if she really didn’t want to do it on her own (I mean I guess it could be daunting flashing your belly off to a complete stranger, even if I do think i’m a nice easy to get to know person!). But while we talked it dawned on me she didn’t want to do the shoot because then its all about her. Focus 100% on her and her belly! For anyone even a little shy this is SCARY!

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Well that’s kind of the point I said (the photography shoot being about her pregnant belly), it seems completely normal to me-I mean how often do us amazing humans called woman get pregnant- let alone all the way to full term. It’s an amazing achievement! It’s a life changing, crazy, out of control time that needs celebrating, and remembering.

Your life is never the same again, let alone your body! I think you get the point…I’m a little bit obsessed with photographing pregnant bellies and I think it’s mostly do with the fact that this time is so magical. Whether it’s your first or fifth baby, you don’t have this time again to show your baby what you looked like when you were pregnant with them.

I told Naomi i was totally fine her cancelling if she 100% wouldn’t regret not doing the shoot down the track, and we left it at that.

So when I got another call shortly after to say ok lets do this, I couldn’t be happier. But it got better. It really was the best feeling ever at the end of the shoot, Naomi said she was so glad she went ahead with it, she even had FUN 🙂

And we got a typical beautiful Perth sunset, just as icing on the cake! Thank you for trusting me Naomi xx

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